About Us

Centre for Interactive Education – CIE Global is an innovative awarding organisation in the UK offering interactive vocational and academic qualifications at different levels. Interactive education system provides employer engagement, leadership, strategic planning, research, industry interaction, standard and interactive qualification development and the development of sector-specific solutions. Our inclusive, accessible, non-bureaucratic and responsive qualifications enabling learners to learn in the best interactive and effective way and in a time-efficient manner without compromising the quality of learning.


Our qualifications are very flexible and are designed and developed based on action and experiential learning practice; which enables learners to achieve knowledge and experience to build up their career in the desired field. Every CIE Global qualifications lead to the higher education, employment or business; which delivers well-trained and qualified Employees, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Leaders for the sector. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of the sectors we work in and the quality and integrity of the qualifications we award.


CIE Global is accrediting local and international Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) institutions to deliver its interactive qualifications.  We ensure the best practice of quality assurance, learning opportunity, employer engagement, industry interaction and equality and diversity among our centres. We also work together on demand with our centres and employers to develop new qualifications under CQF (Customised Qualification Framework) which satisfies the institutions and employers needs.



“Our mission is to enable learners to explore their potentialities, capabilities and opportunities and to make them independent to serve the society and industry with their intellectual, personal and professional knowledge and skills.”



CIE Global will meet the changing needs of the society and industry through creating Professionals, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. We will be dedicating all our knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm to reduce the gap between the learners, institutions, employers and industries and to generate new opportunities.