For Learners

Why study with CIE?

World recognised UK qualification

The quality of British education is recognised by employers, universities and governments worldwide. A UK qualification will make you distinguishable and will keep you always ahead in your career. Our mission is to enable learner to explore their potentialities, capabilities and opportunities and make them independent to serve society and industry with their intellectual, personal and professional skills.

Maximum flexibility and range of opportunities

CIE learners are having the maximum flexibility and range of opportunities to progress and receive recognition for their achievements. All our qualifications are very flexible and are designed and developed based on action and experiential learning practice. You can study any qualification which suites you with a lot of optional units which will allow you to gain knowledge and qualification of your own interest.

A unique approach in qualification development

There are many awarding organisations in the world. But what makes us unique is our interactive approach in every part of our high impact and industry interactive qualification development that sets us apart from others. Our inclusive, accessible, non-bureaucratic and responsive qualifications enabling learner to learn in the best interactive and effective way and in a time-efficient manner without compromising the quality of learning.

Wide range of assessment methods

We strictly don’t believe with pass marks of 40% in an exam a learner can gain enough knowledge and experience to compete in this fast moving world where there are more than thousands seeking for a single opportunity. CIE qualifications involve group task, presentation, industry visit, employer interactive session, problem statement, case study, assignment, oral interview and various assessment methods which enable a learner to achieve real life knowledge and experience.

Stay up-to-date and be always ahead

Traditional learning systems involve suggested books, preset questionnaire and limited learning resources where learners have very few options to enhance their learning experience. As a result, by the time learners finish their studies, they struggle to cope with rapidly changing technologies, industries and the world. CIE qualifications includes hands-on experience, real life projects, employer engagement and industry interaction which makes a learner always up-to-date with the latest technologies, research and innovations.